masha (masha) wrote,

Пелевин, после того, как Скузн передал ему Фостера - прислал мне email with account name "vp".

В ливжурнале юзер vp оставил единственную запись:

Hi! Im "Vp!" Im the imaginary creation of Ashley Corless!!
Im her imaginary "BoyFriend" HeeHee NeWayz!
The story goes like this.. Im the manager at a Subway..
Thats what Im going to do all my life..
Become a Manager at my local Subway was my life's dream..
Well.. we were in need of someone to bus tables and no one was really qualified for the job.. Since cleaning shit off of tables is such a hard ass job..
Person after person came in and I rejected everyone of them..
Including Ashley.. but when I rejected her she dropped to her knees pulled out my dick and started sucking.. Well.. never-the-less..
She got the job and now she's making lots and lots of sandwiches with creamy white mayonaise.. Now she's a little sandwich slut..
Just to remind you..
Im VP! The Homosexual Frenchman with a Sandwich Bitch!

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