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Вот это я такое получила онлайн сейчас.

Your Free Online Career Assessment

It sounded like a great career move when you signed on, but now you're a victim of Company
There's too much competition for too few jobs.
You're not politically connected well enough to break through.
Don't! Don't! Don't!
Don't just jump. You've got a lot to lose by making a bad move. You need an independent
appraisal of your options and your marketability.

Don't ask friends and family. If you had a broken leg, would you call a doctor, or a friend who
once had the very same problem? At this crossroads in your career, you need a
professional, objective assessment.

Don't let your ego get in the way. Yes, you're talented. And no, you don't need help finding a
philosophy to stage your career, leverage your past and plan your future.

Don't dabble. You're afraid to get caught job hunting, so you do it halfway... a few ads, a
few phone calls. The big risk is that you'll get an offer. And then you'll have to risk your
current job investment against a one-shot leap of faith.

You're probably not at the right company, maybe not even in the right industry. You're at a Critical
Career Point. More potentially great careers are lost at this stage than at any other time.
Don't just change your job. Change your life TM

If you qualify, you will be contacted by one of our talented career specialists
for a free "one on one" professional assessment.
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