masha (masha) wrote,

из объявления:

"Assisting director to build and establish a "Hair Chemical Research Lab" for ethnic hair chemical research. Developing novel chemical and physical testing and analysis methodologies for ethnic hair research. Conducting ethnic hair chemical research projects. Responsibilities: Installs and administrates the instruments/equipments acquired in the Physical Science Lab. Develops or modifies physical testing and chemical analysis methodologies for ethnic hair research. Conducts chemical-physical testing to facilitate ethnic hair research. Assists in developing novel/innovative chemical actives and technologies in ethnic hair care product category Performs basic Prototype hair product formulations Maintains the instruments/equipment to be in proper working order Performs routine maintenance of instruments. Works independently on assigned tasks".

есть в этом вообще что то леденящее - американцы скоро бомбить начнут, а я куда-то пишу заявления, в какие-то гитлеровские лаборатории про исследования "этнических волос".

я уже не говорю про набор обязанностей - как у начальника горячей стройки в сталинские времена.
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