July 31st, 2002

white label

(no subject)

Пришел Swollen Members- Bad Dreams.
Хороший, но чего то им там не хватает в Ванкувере.
Можно хорошо себе представить толпу nice white kids в клубе.
Гладкие, очень гладкие.

Есть моменты, конечно.

I'm running down a hall with one wall of flames
With friends I've never seen in my life with strange names
Sound familiar bad dreams can kill ya
Pains not what it seems cold stares and sudden screams
I get in fights every night as im reflecting
Throwing punches fast hard as I can but not connecting
There protected by a force field locked in an engagement
Until I see the colour red when pounding heads into the pavement
Caught up in a chase scene or working on a plan
Sometimes im falling and I have to wake up before I land
Lots of doors to open afraid what I might find
My girlfriend getting fucked with eight more guys in line
Cant wait to rise and shine when ill thoughts are provoked
My girlfriends right beside me getting choked

In real life plus I heard it could get worse
So much for fucking in my sleep that's close to murder in the first