masha (masha) wrote,

А вот стэйтмент из сисадмин.рекаверинг. из юзнета, некоего тоже юзера,
но другого, совсем другого ливжурнала:

If I weren't so bloody sick right now, I'd write up the pitch for the
game show "The Sysadmin", where you have to answer elaborate but
badly-phrased questions from shrieking lusers in a flooding machine room
while you're in up to your elbows in a rack cabinet trying to hot-swap a
boot disk before the halon dump goes off. And your HR department, as
part of their "Stress Reduction Initiative", makes you wear a collar
that gives you electric shocks if your heart rate goes above 120.

But I can barely think at the moment, so that's all you're going to get
for now.

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